*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

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A New Dimension of Experience is Here.

The time has come to explore a new dimension of experience in cannabis. What connoisseurs have come to expect from a top shelf indoor flower can now be found under the sun in native soil, grown in complete harmony with nature, reflecting the distinctive flavors, characteristics and true Terroir of the land and the region in which it is grown.

Located in one of the most special cannabis appellations and premier micro-regions for cannabis cultivation in the world, Flowerdaze Farm is in many ways a first of its kind, upholding a standard of quality, purity, and artistry that is unique unto itself. It is first and foremost about making art, in humble collaboration with Nature, and pursuing what is so much more than a passion, it is our way of life;

The Way of The Flower—the ancient spiritual art form of nobly and mindfully preserving the very essence of Nature in its finest moment.

We hold true in our practice to the lessons that the plant teaches, and it shows. We use no commercial pesticides or fertilizers, and everything that goes into producing our flowers is made on the farm from the land, by our own hands, from start to finish.

We produce only 34 plants per year, meticulously tended and holistically cultivated to full season under the sun in native living soil, harvested in single batches at the very moment the resin is most ripe, impeccably preserved, and cured to perfection.

​The outcome is a true top shelf flower that has the beauty, complexity and elegance of premium quality, and the perfect combination of the most natural, pure, multidimensional and spiritually elevating medicinal experience you can buy. The real reason why we insist on doing it this way? Because we love it. Is it worth it? Absolutely. We would have it no other way. And the best part about it? We can share it with the world.