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kootenay Herb Conference

we are honored to host herblists and educators from near and far. pulling you deeper into your studies. calming your

Why Were Grow Cannabis In The Form Of Sacred Geometry

https://merryjane.com/culture/the-sri-yantra-why-we-grow-marijuana-in-the-form-of-sacred-geometry “We are often asked about the story behind the garden design and if it actually makes a difference in the

Sustainability Is Not Enough’ : Why Cannabis Growers Are Looking To Regenerative Farming

https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/why-cannabis-farmers-should-look-at-regenerative-agriculture Sustainability is a hot-button topic that’s become increasingly important as commercial cannabis farms scale up with expanding legalization. To be

Free Town Hall Style Discussion About Conscious Cannabis Cultivation

How to reduce your costs and changing your mindset to thrive in the current corporate cannabis marketplace. How to reduce