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Pure Certifying Jamaica DEM Ganja Roots Journey, 2018

janica_jFor 2 weeks DEM Family will be traveling through the countryside of Jamaica with our gracious hosts “the Rasta Village”. Together we will explore the inner island roots of Jamaican ganja farming techniques, and share our insights on how to maintain a fully closed loop farm. We will learn the spirituality of cannabis and the connection Jamaica has long been known to uphold. Along with Phylos Bioscience we will help decode the traditional landrace strains, and guide us toward stable conscious breeding. The rhythm of the island will bring us to the elder midwives and healers where we can further deepen our understanding herbal healing. Tradition, culture and Cannabis Ethnobotany is a very important realm for us to explore. To understand our history along with our current state of being is the only way to truly make the right decisions for your farm. We could not be more exited to bring the Pure Certification to the island of Jamaica and connect with the food and medicine farmers of the island that have been keeping it pure and natural their whole lives, and in many cases for generations. Our Hosts “The Rasta Village” is a collection of healers, growers, and spiritual guides. We are honored to be able to discuss regenerative cannabis with them, and work on creating a model for tropical countries to follow.

Bringing together the Pure Family of Oregon, California, Washington, Colorado, BC and beyond with the purist Ital growers of Jamaica will be a potent union. Pure Certified, back to the land growing, is an earth based land use certification that goes beyond the standards of any Nation Organic Program. It has no borders and can be practiced in any environment. It is a global movement created to be the answer to global warming and the food and medicine crisis. Pure Certified farms will repopulate the earth with healthy growing practices that enhance the local biome. They will use their gardens to filter the rain as it heads to water ways. The food and medicine coming from these farms will be more nutrient dense, colorful, and healthier than any other farms. We are blessed to collaborate with our Jamaican and Trinidadian family members!! Join us on Instagram … Dragonfly Earth Medicine – Follow our journey though the beautiful, cannabis loving island of Jamaica!!