*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Sun Roots Farm


Sun Roots Farm is located in Round Valley – Covelo of Mendocino County, California. This farm has vegetable, herbal, fruit, fungi, native medicinal and perennial gardens that welcome a large biodiversity to the land. The farm works with and listens to nature constantly attempting to restore and give back to Earth. The use of biodynamic practices also allows vital life forces within, above, below and throughout the farm. Agricultural practices include closed loop systems, water conservation, wildlife sanctuaries, companion planting, intercropping, permaculture, polyculture, fire safety, no-till, using local resources, bee-keeping, composting, raising animals mindfully, fermentation and inoculation of natural fertilizers, hügelkultur beds, sheet mulching, and a commitment to incorporating sustainable living techniques into daily existence. The farm carries heritage strains of unique genetics by our Covelo family lineage that thrive in the local environment. Each flower and product has been hand-crafted and selected to meet the connoisseur’s taste.

Patricia and Forrest


Covelo, CA 95428

(707) 272 – 4852