*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Sacred Flower Farms

Purveyors of Goodness:

Sacred Flower Farms Is An Olcc-licensed Recreational Cannabis Producer In The Heart Of Southern Oregon Committed To Self-sustaining Cultivation Methods That Go Above And Beyond To Create A Superior Product. We Strive To Be A Model Of The Way Cannabis Can And Should Be Cultivated.

Know What You Smoke:

Our Desire Is To Show That A Sustainable, Living Organic Flower Can Fully Unleash The
Terpenes, Flavonoids, And Beneficial Properties Of The Cannabis Plant. Exciting, Enlightening, And Healing The Mind And Body.
We Hope You Enjoy The Experiences Produced Through Our Careful Strain Selection And Mindful
Farming Practices. If You Like What We Do, Please Spread The Good Word About Our Products.

Here is a Line-up of Strains we are bringing to Market this year.

(In Lab For Testing) Inzane In The Membrane – Sativa (Light Dep)
( In Lab For Testing) Animal Cookies – Indica (Light Dep)
Triple Og – Indica
Obama Kush – Indica
The Black Purple – Indica
Afgooey – Indica
Do-si-dos – Indica
Candyland – Sativa
Orangeade – Sativa
Cherry Pie – Hybrid
Platinum Gsc – Hybrid
Samoa Cookies – Hybrid
Cherry Dream Pie – Hybrid
Mimosa – Hybrid
Wedding Cake Gelato (In Greenhouse Now) – Hybrid
Mendo Purps (In Greenhouse Now) – Hybrid
Tang Breath – New Hybrid
Watermelon Short Cookies – New Hybrid
Black Cheery Cookies – New Hybrid

IMG-6824 (2)