*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Rising Moon Cannabis

Rising Moon Cannabis, located in central Michigan, situated on 10 acres inside Manistee National Forest. Blessed with ideal Loamy sand soil, unique microclimate and surrounded by mature deciduous forest.

Rising Moon Cannabis is focused on producing the highest quality Sun and Earth grown Cannabis, medicinal Hemp and Full Spectrum extracts in Michigan.

Our cultivation practices are centered around the forest our gardens inhabit. Fallen leaves, rotten logs, wildflowers, grasses and litter from our forest ranged chickens are the main inputs we use, along with medicinal herb and fruit based ferments. Our irrigation water comes from rain, captured off our greenhouses and the farms natural pond, teaming with amphibians and birds. We grow and produce a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and eggs, along with our own cultivars of medicinal Cannabis created on the farm. We honor and respect the animals who share their forest with us.

We grow exclusive, unique and heirloom varieties, selected for novel terpenes, cannabinoid ratios and effects.