*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Moon Gazer Farms

Moon Gazer Flower Farm is dedicated to the practice and education of no-till, closed loop, regenerative, biodynamic farming methods in an effort to revolutionize the way the world grows food and medicine. In addition to clean, pure cannabis flowers and fruits and vegetables, we grow nettles, comfrey and a wide assortment of other biodynamic accumulator compost crops for attracting beneficial insects, providing for native pollinators, onsite nutrition and biomass to build our soil and give back to Mother Earth, who gives us so much! It keeps our costs low, and it also happens to produce the cleanest food and medicine possible. We are blessed to be in the company of lovable goats and chickens who help us sequester carbon and provide fertility. We are dedicated to the proliferation of red wigglers. To us, they are a symbol of the soil food web, which is so critical and a big focus of our farm. Hana Aloha!

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