*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Honey Sweet Farm

We are a very small homestead farm located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We are constantly striving to improve and add additional closed loops to our land in order to increase health and biodiversity for all beings and microorganisms on our property. It’s the least we can do for being blessed to live in such a beautiful place! Most of our land is located in a rapidly disappearing/endangered ecosystem of Willamette Valley White Oak Savannah, with the back acreage in a predominately Douglas Fir forest.
Some of our current closed loops include: Rainwater Collection into large Catchment Tanks, Water Retention Techniques, Seed Saving, IPFM, Superfood Garden, Pollinator Garden, Hugelkulture Beds, Compost Piles, Animal Manure Collection from animals seasonally pastured on the property, Tree Orchard with Stone Mulching, Cover Cropping, Chicken Tractors (seasonally), Making Medicine, Sauna, Root Cellar, and Preserving, Canning, Dehydrating, and Fermentation of Food. In the future, we would really like to add the making of Bio Char/Terra Preta to our gardens to recreate some of the essential nutrients that were lost when the Native people ceased the seasonal burning of this zone (we have even found a small plant scraping tool in our garden!).

We are passionate about gardening and growing but face fairly severe ground water scarcity in our area, so Regenerative Farming techniques came naturally as we struggled to cope with such a challenging limitation. It’s never easy but we appreciate and learn from the lessons our gardens give us every year.