*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Green Source Gardens

Our farm is Green Source Gardens, we focus on regenerative practices that specialize in partnering with our Southern Oregon climate. We work with nature and our gardens are ecologically integrated, blurring the line between farm and nature. We grow all from seed, full term outdoor cannabis in polyculture planted perennial hugelkulture berms. We create all our fertility on our farm with our herd of diverse livestock, that we feed all organically from our land and ethically sourced outside inputs. We believe in polyculture and ecological integration as a means to sequester carbon and increase living topsoil on planet earth. It is our responsibility, as humans, to take care of the ecology on planet earth. All of our decisions take into account the well being of our environment.

Close Loops:
•Fertility systems are all on farm
•Integrated food production of vegetables, dairy and meat
•Gravity fed irrigation system
•Polyculture growing techniques
•Climate conscious breeding and seed saving
•Remediation based forest management