*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Feel Goodies

After many disappointing years of being pushed pharmaceutical drugs within our western healthcare system, we knew the answers were to be found back in Mother Nature. Thankfully, we rediscovered our birthright, and sought to empower ourselves and others, through holistic health and wellness, sparking the creation of the Feel Goodies brand.

We are driven by regenerative farming and the benefits of biodiversity; always cognizant of sustainability, consumption and waste. We build and reuse our own soil, incorporating only plant-based amendments (including onsite composting and reusing ground egg shells) to nourish our Soil Food Web. We forage for local, wild edibles for ourselves and plants. We mulch with our defoliated leaves, both fresh and dried to feed both our fungal and bacterial life. We reuse our stalks/stems for homemade bio-char, in addition to directly layering within the soil. We’ve never supplemented Co2, just breath regularly with the plants. We improve our research and development by utilizing lab testing services from start to finish. We fully believe in preservation projects, honoring the seeds that bring us so much life. Finally, we’re always seeking opportunities to collaborate with others, working to enhance knowledge, practices, and product awareness/diversity.

Not only are we all capable of providing ourselves with healthful food and medicine, but we gain the added benefit of the therapeutic healing attained from growing and caring for ourselves and our plants. We believe in bringing back the older, simpler paths to healing.

Let us all return back to the earth, to do better and Feel Good.



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