*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.

Emerald Regenerative Farms


Conscious Natural Inputs

At Emerald Regenerative Farms the work towards well rounded self sufficiency is evident in the applied concepts of Regenerative agricultural and life practices. From renewable energy, to food production, to medicinal herbs, to aquaculture, community outreach and education, they strive to create an environment where they are truly a part of the ecosystem around them. The farm is made up of two families with the next generation being raised into the ideology of stewardship and compassion for their surroundings. Their farm is in the Long Valley section of Laytonville, and has a large diversity of terroir. Here they concentrate on cultivating genetics that are acclimated to their microclimate to reach full expression of potential. The medicine that is grown here has the intention of care and compassion for the people that use it. Everything is grown with the mindset of biodiversity and polyculture to creat syntropic systems using biomimicry. The idea is to listen to mother nature and build a better world for the next generation so they may do the same.
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