*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.


@edelgreenswissfarm is a farm owned and managed by passionate young farmers.

We practice Regenerative Cannabis methods, and we are the first European company certified DEM Pure.
The way in which our plants are cultivated is for us the most important things to take into account and it is by seeking the constant improvement that we realized that this approach to culture was most appropriate for us.

By theses farming practice, we have been able to discover and reach the true expression and genetics potential of our plants.

The farm is located on a family land, in a small Swiss village near Geneva.
This land has been cultivated for many generations to produce vegetables, and there have always been animals on the farm.

We compost all our waste, animal and vegetal, in order to return to the soil what it gave us, we use techniques of dynamisation of our soil, cultivate dynamic accumulator, recover the biomass liberated by nature to improve our soil structure and quality.We also have an indoor facility, which is powered by solar energy ( we provide electricity for 350 houses around ) and by spring water from the Swiss Alps.

This place allow us to keep our genetics for our breeding work and produce the highest quality possible for indoor CBD Rich genetics.

This structure has been developed according to strict criteria, taking care of the origin and the ethics of our inputs in order to create a permanent living soil and to guarantee the sustainability of this one.

In Europe, the ethical criteria defended by #DEMpure collectif are unfortunately not represented and mostly ignored by consumers and farmers.
Now, we are here to represent this high quality standards.

That is why we join the collective to promote these principles in Europe, because it’s very important to us.

Closed loop practices:   

  • mulch from Cannabis and garden waste for our soil
  • Production of dynamic accumulators
  • composting our animal and vegetal waste
  • use well water / groundwater and rain water management
  • cloning multiplication, breeding
  • beekeeping
  • Culture of indigenous micro-organisms
  • worm Casting



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