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Compliant Farms is a collaboration between Hollie Hall & Associates, LLC and High Tide Permaculture to provide consultation services designed to establish environmentally regenerative cannabis farms as a cornerstone of watershed, social, and economic health. We work with cannabis farmers to go beyond compliance and become unquestionable models of watershed sustainability. It is our goal to establish the Compliant Farms Certified label as a trusted indication of agency compliance and fish friendly farming practices.

Compliant Farms recognizes the opportunity for our communities to move beyond the trend of boom and bust natural resource extraction. Guided by permaculture principles and focusing on individual efforts that have great, cumulative effects, as a community we can participate in the process of adaptive land management for a regenerative future. Compliant Farms was formed as the cultural, regulatory, and ecological worlds of small, private cannabis farms collided. Through the design and implementation of site-specific management plans they facilitate an approach for the community to become better land stewards.

We also administer the Watershed Fund, which is completely funded by contributions from Compliant Farms’ clients, who through their generosity support this grant fund. Housed at the Humboldt Area Foundation, the Watershed Fund supports collaborative, action-based projects that integrate community education and science to support healthy watershed communities.

Who We Are

Hollie Hall, PhD
Hollie Hall is a soil and water scientist who provides cannabis farmers the support they need to successfully transition their farms into regenerative agricultural systems, designed to be both environmentally compliant and water secure. From design to implementation, she coordinates “beyond compliance” solutions for cannabis farms by drawing from her 20 years experience in natural resources management, global studies of agricultural practices, and training in adaptive water resource management.

Working with government agencies, non-profits and the private sector, Hollie helps integrate the needs of society, government, and the environment through her work. She drives forward the establishment of successful cannabis farmers who implement watershed-friendly practices, which reverse the negative impacts of historic natural resource extraction practices.

Hollie works toward securing a future in which cannabis farmers who work to support watershed and community health are in return supported through recognition of their effort and through the appropriate marketplace value of their cannabis.

Dan Mar, CPD
Dan Mar is a certified permaculture designer and former science teacher who specializes in site design specific to watershed restoration, holistic property management and regenerative cannabis farms. He has been educating farmers and students about regenerative farming and permaculture for nearly two decades. He certifies Watershed Conscious Properties and works with farmers to design their farms effectively, including consultations for water conservation and pollution prevention. He also designs and educates folks about rainwater harvesting and catchment systems.

Dan has been working with watershed and coastal nonprofits as part of their education and outreach programs to bring greater awareness to the importance of water conservation and pollution prevention through the implementation of regenerative land-use systems.

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I want to share a statement that was submitted to the World Health Organizations Expert Committee on Drug Dependence today.

The statement is written by a coalition of organizations working to protect traditional Cannabis culture through Appellations of Origin, and include:

  • the International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA),
  • the Mendocino Appellations Project (MAP),
  • Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA), and
  • For Alternative Approached to Addiction, Think & Do Tank (FAAAT).

I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors for the ICFA and serving on the Technical Advisory Committee for the MAP. I think that the statement that begins on page three of the attached document provides an excellent foundation from which cannabis appellations of origin can be developed to protect traditional cannabis production areas, communities, practices and economies.

This is a wonderful video we think you all will find informative and inspiring!

u-tube    www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjD8URaGe88&feature=youtu.be