*Regenerative Cannabis. Create, Adapt and Flow with Nature’s Guidance.


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Cannassentials is defined as the highest quality, living soil grown cannabis. Utilizing age old techniques and the power of the earth we produce potent, flavorful, pungent flowers. Grown in controlled environment greenhouses, drenched by the sun’s natural energy in conjunction with supplemental high-intensity lighting, our plants thrive in beyond organic living soil nurtured by probiotic farming methods.

These techniques provide our plants with essential micronutrients not found in conventional growing methods. The results are higher quality harvests, more fragrant bouquets and abundant terpene profiles. We are true farmers. Working with nature we build our soil and craft our fertility amendments,
ferments and teas from the highest quality and sustainably sourced natural ingredients; many made from material we grow on our certified organic vegetable farm, as we work towards creating a closed-loop system with minimal unsustainable outside inputs or outputs. The earth and your health are too important to us to ever use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our goal is to grow the finest cannabis in as low impact way as we can. This system is called Living Organics, the creation of a symbiotic relationship between the soil, plant, farmer, consumer and environment.

Success is measured by our consistently top notch, award winning cannabis.

2018 Cultivation Classic – 2nd place THC Greenhouse
2017 Oregon Dope Cup – 2nd place Best Terpene Profile
2017 Cultivation Classic – 1 st and 2nd place THC Greenhouse
2016 Oregon Dope Cup – 1 st Place Best Flower Nose (Medical)
2016 Fall Ganjacup – 1 St Place Outdoor Flower / 1 st Place Greenhouse Flower
2016 Spring Ganjacup – 1 st Place Indoor Flower
2015 Ganjacup – 1 St Place Greenhouse Flower

Cannassentials, Living soil grown, clean full flavor.