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We don’t just operate in Sonoma County—we’re committed to making a positive difference in it. And truth be told, this makes our work about five times more fun than it should be. There’s nothing more interesting and affirming than getting to know our neighbors on a deeper level as we look for ways to cultivate health and happiness in the lives we touch.


We believe that cannabis can help people lead healthier, richer lives. We’ve seen this come true with our own families and friends. And this is why we founded Solful—to cultivate health and happiness in our community.

But here’s the challenge: not all cannabis products are created equal. In Northern California alone we encountered literally thousands of strains and products that are cultivated and produced in different ways. What we’ve found is that some producers are more dedicated than others to safety, efficacy, consistency, and ethical considerations.

The Solful team has committed ourselves to understanding the processes and practices that go into creating the things we sell—so we know what makes some products stand out from the rest. This means two things:

1) The products we sell are ones we believe in and stand behind, and

2) The advice and information we share comes from a place of knowledge.

Check out the Solful Standard to learn more about the consideration, rigor, and love we put into our work.

And be sure to download our free Solful Field Guide to Getting the Most Out of Cannabis


We are blessed to call Northern California the birthplace of our dispensary, Solful. Our values reflect the mindsets and heart sets of the community we call home. We think about these values every time we open the doors at Solful.

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